Saturday, November 15, 2014

Table Saw

I have used it quite a bit over the last few years since I bought it and when I finally decided to hone my woodworking skills I decided that it was time to give it the once over.

One of my neighbours was selling off his woodworking equipment and this Jet 10" table saw was amongst the items he was selling. I paid $200 for this saw and another $100 for a 1 HP twin bag dust extractor.

I started by cleaning the top. It was caked with many years of resin from the various woods that had been cut on it. It made a very nice hard protective coating but did nothing for its smoothness and accuracy. I tried various solvents but nothing seemed to shift it. I suspect that if I soaked it in Turps for several weeks it would have softened over time but being an impatient lad I decided to take a more aggressive approach.

I tried various methods but I finally settled on a 4" angle grinder with a stiff wire brush. I tried it first on a small corner of the table. It did a great job of removing the gunk without any damage to the surface. It took me about two hours of hard graft to clean it up and it came up like new. A final coat of wax and it is like a bought one.

I have adjusted the carriage to straighten the blade but there is one bolt on the front right that is extremely difficult to get to. It still requires a tune up consisting of shimming the side tables (which angle up by one or two mm) cleaning the rust from the rear fence slide, re-adjusting the carriage, and cleaning an lubricating the gears.

All in all it is a great workhorse and cuts very nicely despite its limitations.